viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

When tears could talk :'(

Something very strange, happened to me the other day
When I was crying miserably in my room
I heard a harmony of voices that said
“Oh how long we have waited to talk to you!!”

I looked around breathlessly, in dazed panic
And heard another whisper in my ears
It felt so warm, like a loved one’s breath
And I couldn’t believe they were talking, my tears!

“Why do you call us so often?” They asked,
“Don’t you know we have sorrows of our own?
“We try so hard not to fall
But then, we cannot leave you alone”

Furious, I shot back at once
“What do you mean, sorrows of your own?
“Show it when I am in the middle of a crowd
Rather than catching me when I'm all alone"

The tears went numb, for a while
Making me wonder if this was even real
I was going to shut my eyes
When they said, “It’s because we know how you feel”

“We know every crevice of your shattered heart,
And we recognize every colour of your pain
We try so hard to heal your wounds
But you ruin it by crying all over again”

“And you cry for things that are lost in the past,
How can you expect us to retrieve it for you?
We can only rain in with memories that are lost
Believe us, we know what’s best for you”

“You cry for people who are not even worth it,
When will you realize how precious we are?
We were made for the ones, who deserve it
And who know the value of a single tear drop”

“And you cry for a future you have not seen
How can you already let it haunt you?
You will never really know how good it is
And if you keep insisting we obscure you”

“Yes, we have sorrows of our own,
Because we are the words you will never say
And that’s why we catch you when you are alone
So you can understand us in a better way”

“Through your eyes we have seen your broken world
And all the people who have hurt you
We have seen every defeat you have suffered,
But now it’s time to see it through”

I felt like I was watching my life from afar,
And for once it didn’t seem dark and bleak
I felt it touch the deepest corner of my heart
And I knew this was really happening to me

I smiled a little, as the tears did too
And suddenly I found a reason to live
As the tears one by one, became very few
I couldn’t wait for the life ahead of me

And just when I thought I had cried it all,
I heard a deep whisper, like a person’s last words
“.....Remember when we’re in your eyes in your happiest moment,
That is when you will truly have defeated the world...”

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