lunes, 24 de enero de 2011


I can be a sun in your darkness
Be the shoulder you can cry on
Hold your hand in the stillness
Be the strength you need to move on.

I know nothing can bring you down, honey
Though life's complicated and you get to be mistreated
I can give you a day that's sunny
If you get yourself up, even if you've just been defeated.

I know nothing is going to bring you down, sweetie
He's not worth these tears coming down your face
He's not worth any feeling of yours at all
And with time, what he's meant for you will be erased.

It's time to turn the page, pretty
Go through life without expecting anything at all
And you won't get so dissapointed
It'll be easier to get up everytime you fall.

I can be the one who's always right beside you
He's too uncapable to see what he's losing
You're so much more than good enough
It's his own heart he's blindly bruising.

Don't hide your heart away, dear
You have so much to give
Dry away that lonely tear
You have your whole life to live.

By Daniela Baltodano 

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