miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

By a Memory

By a Memory

She hides what she feels
Or is it that she's not feeling anything at all?
Why is she crying?
Hasn't she learned to get up when she falls?

She says she hasn't cried over something that's left behind
She tells me there's no use in remembering
But now something appeared in her mind
A memory she thought was lost in time.

She made a barrier to cut out the feelings
And now it appears in my reflection
A thin layer that could break itself so easy
A sweet prayer she thought could be heard by God.

She can't feel
She feels numb
1440 minutes slip away every single day
Overwhelmed by a memory she succumbs
Beaten, weaken, lost in dismay.

She cried night after night in her room
She heard something in her mind: "he still means something to you"
She hoped it'd be over soon
A way to fix her heart she couldn't find, a way to pull through.

She looked around breathlessly in dazed panic
Trying to move on in a way that's so mechanic
She couldn't feel alive anymore
And she forgot what it was life before.

By Daniela Baltodano and Karina Montero

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