miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

The Barrier that Surrounds Your Heart

You thought things would be different
And you lower your guard after keeping it up for so long
You wonder about what it meant
And if you're holding on, if you're strong.

'Cause you feel like sinking in
Tears are coming to your eyes
Make an effort and take your own hands
Wipe them away and listen to what your heart demands.

You want it surrounded by a barrier
That could make you inmune to pain
Was it surrounded by one?
Until it was too late and now you see its remain.

Make a new one on your own
Now that love doesn't feel right
It will keep you safe
Through a day, through a night.

Does it make any sense?
Wanting doors closed and putting up a fence
Love makes you hurt and confused
And after some time you feel used.

Are you afraid?
Love is temporary and it'll finally fade
Could we be all our lives alone?
Walking through places unknown.

There's something I can tell
The barrier that surrounds your heart
Will make you immune to pain
It will never break you apart

And strong enough it'll be maintained

By Daniela Baltodano 

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